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Our Mission

Our band is here to serve all of your entertainment needs. Over the years we have taken our listeners away from the stress of everyday life and created a relaxing and fun musical experience.

We believe everyone deserves to listen to some good old classic rock and roll along with some newer rock. If our music doesn't do that for you, send us any suggestions or requests. We are here to provide you with the best, and make your musical experience one you will always remember.


THREAT FACTOR is a rock power trio made up of three of North Carolinas talented musicians.  With eighty-plus years experience in the music field, the trio is no stranger to hard work and dedication when it comes to performing.  They have spent time working with their music to mold it into a powerful and energetic show that is sure to rock the house down.  From the first lick of a smoking guitar to the last beat of the rumbling percussion, the audience is guaranteed an entertaining and spellbinding performance that will not soon be forgotten.



       Jamie Shew (lead guitarist, lead vocalist)

       Keith Miller (bassist, backing vocalist)

       Jody Shew (percussionist, lead vocalist)


Jamie Shew has thirty-plus years experience performing in numerous bands.  He has been chosen by Cambridge University-England as one of the most prolific guitarists and songwriters of this time.  To behold Jamies performance is pleasing to the listener as well as the musician alike.

          Performing with various bands in the past thirty-plus years has given Keith Miller the opportunity to showcase his talent and how he feels about his music.  He has been involved in several recording projects and has honed his playing skills in many musical styles.

          With twenty years experience, Jody Shew has performed with many bands playing all styles of music.  He has traveled to all four corners of the United States bringing his talent of playing and singing to the forefront of the listening public.


           As in any puzzle, all the right pieces have to combine to make the picture complete.  Approximately ten years ago, the pieces came together as TRIPLE THREAT.  Now in the new millennium, THREAT FACTOR, the twenty-first century version of the rock power trio, has become a force to be reckoned with.